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Kuddle Kidz is a fully equipped Pre-School & Day Care Centre established to fulfill the growing needs of children in our community. Our aim is to provide a service to support single or working parents and guardians who wish to ensure proper development of the child’s early years.

Keeping in mind the needs of children who fall within the age group of 6 months to 12 years our infrastructure is designed to provide a safe, caring, stimulating and happy environment for your child at the most receptive stage of development. Our wealth of enjoyable learning activities will enable your child to learn, develop in a homely caring environment and to develop to their full potential.


All the nice stuff people have to Say


Kuddle Kidz is really a great school. I can see confidence building up in my daughter. I would recommend this school to others too.

- Parents of N. Namita


Very well maintained, excellent teaching enabling the students to understand. Very good place and surroundings, peaceful and calm.

- Parents of Sarvesh


We are extremely happy to see our son like his school. He never once said “I don’t want to go to school”. He just loves to be at Kuddle Kidz.

- Parents of Virshank Goni


We liked the concepts followed by this school. Our son’s teacher is very co-operative. We have decided to continue with Kuddle Kidz the next year too.

- Parents of Akshat


The transformation we saw in our kid was amazing and she had learnt a lot in the school. She is also well behaved when we take her out which when appreciated by others was very much welcomed by us as parents. This was all possible just because she was here at Kuddle Kidz.

- Parents of Srinidhi


We are very happy to send our child to Kuddle Kidz. She is inspired a lot and acquiring a lot of knowledge through learning here. We hope this will help her in her future.

- Parents of Jishika"


The Moments we Cherished Caught on Camera!


We make it a point to capture all the wonderful moments in your childs life, which is why we have loads of pictures to share!

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